TANVINI GOGRI – Licensed Real Estate Broker & Founder of Green Estate Realty

Tanvini Gogri is a highly successful real estate broker and the founder of Green Estate Realty LLC in New Jersey.  Tanvini is known for her innate ability to deliver a smooth, seamless transaction and her unmatched knowledge of the region. With more than 10 years of experience, her team is committed to delivering the highest levels of customer and client service for each and every transaction. With her tremendous success, deep experience, Tanvini is able to utilize modern superior marketing resources to guide clients at every step of the real estate process and help clients through the buying/selling maze.  Green Estate Realty has done almost $12 million in sales in last 3 years helping clients in NJ.

Tanvini was born in Mumbai, India and immigrated to the United States in her 20s. She came armed with an American dream and the entrepreneurial drive to succeed in growing a world-class business. Tanvini is fluent in five Indian languages and offers a global reach to her clients. She is licensed in New Jersey as a Real Estate Broker, is an Enrolled Agent and also a notary public. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Management.

What is a 1% commission realtor?

A 1% commission realtor is an agent who will list and sell a home for 1% of the final sale price. Most listing agents and brokers charge between 2.5-3% for this service, so a 1% listing fee could net you big savings. Buyer’s agent commission rates vary by location and property, but 2.5-3% is typical nationwide. This means that when you secure a 1% listing fee, you’ll likely pay between 3.5-4% in total commission — about 30-40% savings compared to the typical 5-6%.

How can Green Estate Realty LLC work for 1% fees and still turn a profit?

A listing agent or broker will offer 1% listing fees to help attract more customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. These days, more agents are competing for fewer new listings. And discount real estate companies with built-in savings are becoming more popular and disrupting long-standing pricing norms. At Green Estate Realty, we are getting creative and flexible about service scope. We ditch the traditional, full-service models in favor of offering options to attract sellers who may be interested in saving $$$$$. Our low overhead expenses also make it more flexible in offering 1% listing commission option to the sellers.

So what’s covered? Is full professional service offered?

YES………we offer full professional service which is more attentive and personalized: